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A Secret Tesla Route
From Kansas City to St. Louis
and Vise Versa

Tesla eventually plans to install a Supercharging location near Columbia, Missouri, on I-70 about half way between St. Louis and Kansas City. But until then, it is not possible to get from Kansas City to St. Louis just using Tesla Superchargers without a rather long journey. Below is the route calculated by the GPS in a Tesla from Kansas City to St. Louis. This would be the same route from St. Louis to Kansas City just using Tesla Superchargers.

The above route is over 2,000 miles!

But there is a better alternative. Tesla drivers can drive from Kansas City to the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri, where there are two 80 Amp High Power Wall Connectors (HPWC) and one 40 Amp EV Charger. These are free to the public. You do not have to be a hotel guest to use them. After charging at the Depot Inn & Suites Destination Charging Location, Tesla drivers can continue on to St. Louis.

While waiting to charge, Tesla drivers are welcome to step into the luxurious hotel lobby for a free cup of coffee and to use the public restroom in the hotel. The Silver Rails Country Tourist Information Center is in the hotel lobby and take one of the free maps of Silver Rails Country. For more information, visit: Tesla drivers may relax in the hotel lobby while waiting. There is a television and free open Wifi in the lobby. The Wifi coverage extends out to the parking lot so it can be used from inside the Tesla and one can even link their Tesla to the hotel's free Wifi.

If hungry, there is the highly rated La Pachanga Mexican Restaurant next door. There is also a Casey's a couple of doors down if looking for snacks, pizza or beverages to go. Also next door is a bank with a 24 hour ATM. Across the street is a Dollar General and the "Spirits of La Plata" liquor store which has a decent select of wine, beer and other spirits.

The reason that this route is not shown when the Tesla GPS calculates your route from Kansas City to St. Louis or vise versa is that only Superchargers are included when calculating a route to your destination. Hence, why I've called this a "secret" Tesla route from Kansas City to St. Louis.

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