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Tesla Model S P85DL
1000 Mile Road Trip
April 16-17, 2023

This is more of a slideshow than a detailed trip report unlike many of my prior Tesla trip reports. I'm posting this almost a year after I completed this road trip. I don't remember the location of many of the stops along the way.

My wife and I spend most of the year at our home in Vancouver, Washington. But during the coldest and wettist part of the winter we spend several weeks at our Vacation home in Anaheim Hills, Southern California. Thus over the years we've made many 2,000 mile round-trips in one or the other of our Tesla electric vehicles, either in our 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL or our 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL, between the two houses.

One day my wife and I realized that since we are retired and rarely ever need to go two different places at the same time, that we really don't need more than one Tesla at each house. Thus, we decided to move our 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL to our Vancouver, Washington, home permanently and leave our 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL at our Anaheim Vacation house for now. However, we plan to either sell or rent out our Anaheim vacation house within the year and move to our Vancouver home on a more permanent year-round basis. It has been quite annoying, confusing, inconveninet, and expensive trying to keep us two households over the years. We know it would be a lot less annoying and much less expensive to just live in Vancouver year-round. When we do that, we plan to move the 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL up to Vancouver and sell the 2015 Tesla Model S P85D.

So, this is probably the last time we are doing this one-way 1,000 mile drive in our 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL. We'll need to do one more 1,000 mile drive in our Tesla Model X P90DL when we permanently leave our Anaheim vacation house.

"L" is not actually in the emblem on the cars. Tesla placed an underline beneath the P85D and P90D emblems to indicate that each of these vehicles have "Ludicrous" mode. I just added the "L" rather than underlining the emblem names in this report.

56 Tesla Superchargers up to 250kW available 24/7 at
Bravo Farms, 3341 Bernard Drive, Kettleman City, California 93239
April 16, 2023

There is another Tesla Supercharger in Kettleman City just a short distance from this one with an additional 40 Tesla Superchargers (16 up to 250kW and 24 up to 150kW, all open 24/7) at 27675 Bernard Drive, Kettleman City, California, 93239. This one has a number of eating placed within just a short walk including Denny's and a Carl's Jr. What makes this one unique is that is has a Tesla Lounge. Entry is by using a lock code that will appear on your Tesla screen when you arrive.

Click here to view more photos and information about the Tesla Lounge in Kettleman City in a March 16-22, 2022 Tesla travel report by Carl Morrison.

So just in Kettleman City along there are 96 Tesla Superchargers as of 2023 and probably more planned. As you can see from the photos, this is way more than needed as of 2023. I've stopped at many other locations throughout the nation that look similar to this with large fields of Tesla Superchargers with very few EVs charging there. Tesla is definitely ramping up the number of Tesla Supercharging locations and individual chargers not only to accommodate the growing number of Tesla EVs, but also all the other brands of EV that will soon be able to charge at them.

More Photos Driving Up The I-5

Near Mt. Shasta, But Not Mt. Shasta

Tesla Supercharger, Yreka, California

Our Nephew's Home
Near Ashland, Oregon

Tesla Supercharger At
Woodburn, Oregon

Click here for a slideshow of the above photos.

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