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Ashland, OR to Vancouver, WA
Road Trip In A
2016 Tesla Model X P90DL

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After a brief stay in Ashland, Oregon, we continued to our home in Vancouver, Washington.

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Departing From The Plaza Inn
To Tour Ashland, Oregon, For A Bit
Times & Battery Charge Levels: Departing 9:38 AM 233 Miles

Forest Fire Damage Around Ashland, Oregon

Lunch With Our Nephew Justin At Louie's

Departing From The Plaza Inn, Ashland, Oregon
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Departing 1:55 PM 232 Miles

Tesla Supercharger
Black Bear Diner, 1900 NW 6th St, Grants Pass, Oregon
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Arriving 2:42 PM 186 Miles; Departing 2:48 PM 185 Miles

This is the first time in owning a Tesla since 2013 that we have ever encountered a line up at a Tesla Supercharger like this. Obviously more charging bays are needed at this location. We've been at Tesla Supercharger locations that are "overbuilt" where there are dozens of charging bays that have been mostly empty when we were there.

We had a choice to make. We could either wait for our turn at a charging bay at this Tesla Supercharger and then charge up, or we could drive at the speed limit to the next Tesla Supercharger location with the expectation that it will not be as crowded as this one. We decided it would probably be faster to drive to the next Tesla Supercharger location at the speed limit than wait here to charge up. The charge on the battery was 185 miles which would be enough to reach the next Tesla Supercharger 138 miles away, but only if we drove at the speed limit.

Oddly, not one Tesla passed us as we were driving north on the I-5 to the next Tesla Supercharging location. I would have thought that some of the Tesla vehicles that charged up at Grants Pass would be driving well faster than the speed limit and would pass us. But since none did, I figured that everyone charging at Grants Pass must either have been locals or they must have been heading south on the I-5. In any case, we reached the next Tesla Supercharger before any other Tesla that may have been heading north on the I-5 after charging at Grants Pass.

I-5 Scenery Between Grants Pass And Springfield, Oregon

Tesla Supercharger
Holiday Inn Eugene, 919 Kruse Way, Springfield, Oregon
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Arriving 5:06 PM 18 Miles; Departing 5:56 PM 171 Miles

Tesla Supercharger
Elmer's Restaurant, 255 N Armey Rd, Woodburn, Oregon
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Arriving 7:11 PM 60 Miles; Departing 7:22 PM 101 Miles

We probably should have charged up a bit more in Springfield. The Tesla gave a warning to stay below 65 miles per hour to reach our home. Since there are a number of Tesla Superchargers between Springfield and our home in Vancouver, we decided to stop for a few minutes at the next Tesla Supercharger and charge up just a bit so that we could drive at a good speed the rest of the way home. We stayed at Woodburn for just 11 minutes and were able to add another 41 miles to the charge on the battery. This would be way more than enough to reach our home in Vancouver driving at 65 miles per hour and more.

Clyde's Prime Rib
Portland, Oregon
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Arriving 8:08 PM 56 Miles; Departing 9:17 PM 56 Miles

Since it was Sunday, we knew that Clyde's Prime Rib Restaurant would be featuring the Ron Steen Jazz Jam and decided to stop by for dinner.

Arriving At Our Home In Vancouver, Washington
Times & Battery Charge Levels:
Arriving 9:53 PM 36 Miles;

Tesla Supercharger, Fred Meyer Salmon Creek
800 NE Tenney Road, Vancouver, Washington
Monday, October 26, 2020

This is the closest Tesla Supercharger to our current home in Vancouver, less than 5 miles. It is about a mile further from the new home that we just purchased in Vancouver. There are a lot of charging bays at this location! They should move some of them to Grants Pass, Oregon, where there is a definitely shortage of charging bays.

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