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Fremont, CA to Anaheim, CA
Road Trip In A
2016 Tesla Model X P90DL

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

11:04 AM Holister Tesla Supercharger
Casa de Fruta
10021 Pacheco Pass Highway, Holister, CA

11:50 AM Scenery On Pacheco Pass Highway

11:50 AM Scenery On I-5

1:13 PM Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger
27675 Bernard Drive, Kettleman City, CA

3:27 PM Tejon Ranch Tesla Supercharger
Petro Shopping Center, 5602 Dennis McCarthy Dr, Lebec, CA

5:08 PM Driving Through Los Angeles In Traffic On The I-5

6:15 PM Vino Nostra
Wine Club Tasting & Pick-Up
Vino Nostra, 123 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA

8:04 PM Dinner At Cedar Creek Inn
20 Pointe Drive, Brea, CA

9:11 PM Unexpected Charging At Anaheim Tesla Supercharger
The Pique, 2404 E Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA
16 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW

Rather than suffering from "range anxiety", I think I'm suffering from a "lack of range anxiety". I miscalculated and found that I only had 11 miles of charge left on the battery when I left the Cedar Creek Inn. The shortest drive distance to my Anaheim Hills Vacation House was 11.1 miles. Though I didn't have enough charge to reach my Anaheim Hills Vacation House, I did have enough charge to reach the Anaheim Tesla Supercharger location which was 9 miles away straight down the CA-57 freeway. So, I headed there to put just enough charge on the battery to get to my house that is only 9 miles from the Anaheim Tesla Supercharger location. The charging was going so fast that I had charged up to 44 miles in very little time.

9:41 PM At Our Anaheim Hills Vacation House

Since my wife and I have 2 Tesla vehicles, a 2015 Tesla Model S P85DL and a 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL, we have 2 Tesla HPWC (high power wall connectors) that are each on 100 Amp circuits and can each provide up to 80 Amps of charging power. Since both Tesla vehicles have dual onboard chargers, they can charge pretty fast at our vacation house. However, I usually have them set to charge at just 40 Amps to preserve battery life unless I need to charge quickly. We also have solar panels and 3 Tesla Powerwalls at our vacation house. Thus, we generate enough solar power to cleanly charge both Tesla vehicles.

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