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Anaheim, California to Vancouver, WA
Road Trip In A
2016 Tesla Model X P90DL

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Day 1 - Sunday, August 9, 2020

11:26 AM Tejon Ranch Tesla Supercharger
Petro Shopping Center
5602 Dennis McCarthy Drive, Levec, California

1:21 PM Tesla Supercharger
27675 Bernard Drive, Kettleman City, California

3:20 PM Tesla Supercharger
Pea Soup Andersen's
12411 CA-33, Gustine, California

A late lunch at Pea Soup Andersen's.

6:32 PM Tesla Supercharger
Promenade Shopping Center
7485 Rush River Dr, Sacramento, California

Day 2 - Monday, August 10, 2020

9:52 PM Tesla Supercharger
Belle Mill Landing(?)
82 Belle Mill Rd, Red Bluff, California

I'm not sure it was the Red Bluff Tesla Supercharger where we stopped. But, I think this is a pretty good guess as I just wanted to top off before getting to our hotel in case the Tesla Destination Chargers at the hotel are not avaialble. I did not want to have to backtrack in the morning if I wasn't able to charge up at the hotel.

9:40 AM 2 Tesla Destination Chargers
Best Western Plus Hilltop Inn
2300 Hilltop Dr, Redding, California

We spend the night at the Best Western Plus. They had 2 Tesla Destination Chargers and 2 Level II EV Chargers.

10:54 AM Tesla Supercharger
134 Morgan Way, Mt. Shasta, California

I've stopped at the Tesla Superchargers in Mount Shasta before on a number of my road trips between Vancouver, Washington, and Anaheim, California. However, on my prior trips, there were just a few Tesla Superchargers in a hotel parking lot. Those Tesla Superchargers are still there, but the number of chargers showing on the Tesla Center Console Display were way more than the number at the hotel. I then noticed there were many many more new Tesla Superchargers in the shopping center parking lot across from the hotel.

12:43 PM 3 Tesla Destination Chargers
2Hawk Vineyard & Winery, 541-779-9463
2335 N Phoenix Rd, Medford, OR 97504

3:50 PM Blossom Farm Cidery (Hard Pear Cider)!
950 Kubli Rd, Grants Pass, OR, 541-514-2347

At the time we went here they did not have a tasting room so they are not actually open to the public. We were recommended by a friend who did not realize they don't have an actual tasting room. But, we did buy some cans and bottles of city to take home anyway.

4:20 PM Noble Dairy Farm, 541-660-4001
12579 N Applegate Rd, Grants Pass, OR

We didn't visit here but just drove through the parking lot.

4:25 PM Rosella's Vineyard & Winery, 541-846-6373
184 Missouri Flat Rd, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

This place still has FREE wine tastings! We got about a one or two ounce pour of just about everything that they make and didn't have to pay a penny for it! One of the few remaining wineries where the wine maker just wants you to try his wines without having to pay anything to try them. But, we did buy some bottles of wine from them along with some of their spicy pretzels.

6:41PM Tesla Supercharger
Black Bear Diner, 1900 NW 6th St, Grants Pass, Oregon

9:53 PM Tesla Supercharger
Holiday Inn, 919 Kruse Way, Springfield, Oregon

This was our very last Tesla Supercharger stop before arriving at our home in Vancouver, Washington. We have a Level II EV Charger in our garage in Vancouver, Washington, that can charge up to 30 Amps or about 19 miles per hour. That is adequate for us. We plug in at night and are always fully charged to about 211 miles by the time we get in the car the next day. If for some reason we ever needed a faster charge, there are two Tesla Supercharger locations less than 20 miles from our Vancovuer home. But we have yet to ever need to use those. Just plugging the car in whenever we are at home in our Vancouver Condo is enough to ensure that we have a full charge every time we get in the car.

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