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How this Tesla road trip came to be posted here at Eddie sent an email to the management of the Depot Inn & Suites hotel in La Plata, Missouri, asking them to pass on their thanks to the owners of the hotel for having a Tesla Charging Station available. (There are two 80 Amp Tesla HPWC and one 40 Amp Level II EV Chargers available free to the public, even to those not staying at the hotel). The hotel manager passed the email on to me since my wife and I are the owners of the hotel and the ones who arranged to make it a Tesla Destination Charging Location.

I was really excited to read Eddie's Tesla travel report as it is the only Tesla travel report that I know of that mentions the Depot Inn & Suites, other than my own report. And I haven't even finished my report yet! My wife and I drove our Tesla to the hotel to be there for the ribbon cutting of the new Destination Chargers. You can read the report and view the photos from the first 3 days of our travel by clicking here. I expect to have the rest of my report finished before the end of this month, November 2015.

What also surprised me is that it turns out that Ann and Eddie started and ended their trip from just around the corner from where we started our trip. Ann and Eddie live in Yorba Linda, California, which is the next town over from Anaheim Hills, which is where we started and ended our round-trip! The segment of their route from La Plata, Missouri, to their home is pretty much the same route that we took and included the same Tesla Superchargers that we charged at. Thus, I immediately recognized all of their photos from that segment of their trip.

Eddie was gracious enough to allow me to post their Tesla trip report here at to share it with all the Tesla fans that follow this website. I hope you will enjoy reading their Tesla travel report as much as I did. If text on any of the pages is too small to read, you can click on it on any page to bring up the original full size image of the page.

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