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Tesla 3  Owning Experience
by Carl Morrison, September 5, 2020
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"Big Red"

This is my Eighth, report on our 3-month-old Tesla Model 3, posted at In this report I cover:  1. Naming your Tesla  2.  A plan to install electric truck charging stations up and down the West Coast  3.  Pikes Peak run in a Model 3 in 2020.   4.    AM Radio absence in newer cars - work around.  5.  Tesla, or any EV, Advantages  6.  Why is Tesla 3's screen in the center?  7.  Solar Roof by Tesla with Power Walls to power your home and EVs.  8.  A ride in a Tesla 3.  9.  Longing for the day of Vehicle to Grid, or Vehicle to Vehicle   10.  Another Model 3 takes on Pikes Peak.  11.   Preparation of Electric Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance for Pikes Peak.  12.  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2020 Results.  13. Trip Statistics - Tesla Model 3   14.  Over the Air Software Update No. 2020.32.2   15.   Traffic aware cruise in suburban driving.  16.  Driving our Tesla Saloon.   17.   Clean Fuel Reward Program, Southern California Edison.

Naming your Tesla

You may have noticed in previous reports that I've given our Tesla the name "Big Red".
  As a kid back in Hayden, Indiana, I used to drink Barq Cream Soda at Mr. Ahl's Store after playing basketball at the open-air court on the school's property.  That drink and Mr. Ahl might have gone by the wayside, but then appeared Big Red.  In case you might know the drink, do you remember:

can_.jpg   UpdateIMG_6585a.jpg   Hood.jpg

Left, Big Red and it's aluminum body. Center, "Big Red" on Tesla app and it's aluminum body.  Right, Stock car hood when Big Red sponsors a car.

Originally, I thought of naming the car "WATT?", with apologies to Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First", but the question mark is not available on CA plates.


A plan to install electric truck charging stations up and down the West Coast

Most of the attention on adopting electric vehicles is focused on passenger cars. California, for example, has set a goal to have at least 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the state’s highways by 2030.

But the called-for transition also includes trucks and big rigs and with that in mind, a coalition of electric utilities on the West Coast just released a study recommending the establishment of a network of charging stations for freight haulers and delivery trucks along Interstate 5 — from San Diego in the south to Washington’s border with Canada in the north.

In addition to 27 sites along the 1,300-mile I-5 corridor, the proposed road map would also include 41 charging locations on adjoining highways in California, Oregon and Washington.

Called the West Coast Transit Corridor Initiative, the plan proposes a phased approach that envisions installing 27 charging sites in 50-mile intervals for medium-duty electric vehicles such as delivery vans by 2025. Then, 14 of those 27 sites would expand to accommodate charging infrastructure for big rigs by 2030.


<<Double-click to enlarge

Pikes Peak run in a Model 3 in 2020.

I have been watching the Electric Performance Channel on YouTube about the Pikes Peak run of a Model 3.  I've learned a few things from interviews of Blake Fuller, who will drive Pikes Peak in 2020. Changing the Steering Modes in the Model 3 actually adjusts the "steering assist", not the number of lock to lock turns of the wheel.  Therefore, Sport Mode simply means it is harder to turn the wheel.  As the Operator's Manual Puts it:  "Steering Mode: Adjust the amount of effort required to turn the steering wheel. Sport feels more responsive whereas Comfort feels easier to drive and park". P. 119.

The G force of a quick takeoff in the Model 3 is .9 to 1 G.  The braking force of a Model 3 is 1.7 Gs.
The Episode in which I learned the above facts:   

Tesla Watch App or Tesla Watch

Earlier I reported on an app I have on my iWatch called, "Watch for Tesla"  To read my report with link to the app, go to my report at: and search for "Watch app"  Within my report is a link to "The Frugal Tesla Guy" and his evaluation of the app. 

Or, a planned kids Tesla watch by Xplora perhaps to summon a ride home using full self driving Tesla.

Tesla's new product is a smart watch. Leaked documents from FCC show a link between Tesla and Xplora Technology AS and Benzenes BALUN Technology Co Ltd. Xplora makes smart watches for kids and Shenzen is a tech supplier. A Tesla Watch might be most useful once level 5 autonomy is achieved. The information available does point toward a smart watch, but we can only make an educated guess at this point. In this video I go over what a Tesla Watch would mean for Tesla and how it could benefit them and their customers. This is still very premature information and a lot of it speculation, but I will update on this as soon as more information is available!

Source    August 14, 2020.   
Any image with a border can be clicked for a larger copy.

AM Radio absence in newer cars - work around.

On Youtube by K Teezy: (I did not yet get this approach to work)


I did find the local American League team, Angels, following this procedure:

1.  Select the musical note on the bottom line of the screen on the left (not shown.)
2.  Then select "Tunein" on the bottom row (circled above, center)
3.  "Tunein" will appear at the top left and below it select "Radio"
4.  Scroll down the large portion of the screen on the right to "AM" then scroll right to find radio stations with larger numbers, then tap your station AND touch the Star at the top.  That will put your selected AM station on the list of your favorite music stations.

Now my goal is to find the local National League, Dodgers, AM station.  I asked Google, "What FM station has HD of Dodger games?" and got this information:


This gave me the secret word:  "HD2" as K Teezy mentioned above.  I selected 98.7 into the FM radio stations in the car and selected KYSR-HD2 and was listening to the Dodger game.  I selected the Star and now on my favorites are my FM stations and the two local baseball AM (HD) links.

Tesla, or any EV, Advantages

When people ask what I think of our Tesla, I just say, "It's wonderful," but Youtuber, "Engineering Explained" gives these 9 adjectives:


Additionally, he mentioned in a different episode about a different EV, that 33% of the energy created by an internal combustion engine goes out the exhaust.  Therefore, electric vehicles are 3 times more efficient than an internal combustion car.

Why is Tesla 3's screen in the center?

RightDriveIMG_6722.jpg     RightDriveIMG_6723.jpg
What's "wrong" with these photos of a Tesla 3?

After watching YouTube  videos about Tesla 3s from around the world, I realize why the Model 3's screen is in the exact center and not tilted to one side or the other.  The image above is from YouTuber, Spawn Point in the UK.  Essential information on the screen is always closest to the driver, whether the steering wheel is on the left or right.  I'd like to give credit to Tesla engineers who knew they would be making both right and left steering wheel cars, and rather than having two different dashes with the traditional instrument cluster on the left or right side in front of the steering wheel, they just made a screen layout switch on the screen and the same dash would go in both left and right steering wheel cars!  Also, in Europe, next to the front seat dome lights is an SOS switch (where we put on hazard lights).  They also have different ways of opening the trunk and frunk from inside.  I wonder, for American drivers that are constantly hounded by the person in the passenger seat about their driving, could just order a right hand drive Tesla and just say, "OK Honey, you can drive all the time."

Another international consideration by Tesla was in the Model S.  Friend Steve Grande got Executive Seats for the 3rd and 4th passengers "like the Tesla Ss sold in China".  The reasoning was that if you could afford a Tesla S in China, you would have a chauffeur and the owners would always be sitting in the back in comfortable seats.  ..

Solar Roof by Tesla with Power Walls to power your home and EVs.

My local Orange County Tesla Club had Kyle Field, CleanTechnica - Tesla Energy/Solar Roof, speak at a meetup.  His articles while researching Tesla Solar Roof and Power Walls as his new house was being constructed with articles written during and after completion follow, complete with video and photos:

Dennis Pascual, Club Leader says:  He has written about his experiences on CleanTechnica, but we can take the time to discuss it at this meetup.'

Some quotes from his articles:  We could have achieved a higher total kilowatt-hour output with traditional panels, but the aesthetics of the Tesla Solar Roof outweighed the benefit of the additional production.

The Tesla Powerwall can be hardwired as either a whole home backup if there is enough capacity, or to backup only essential loads. In this configuration, homeowners are able to select a few circuits that will be powered by the Powerwalls when grid power goes down. Our home simply had too many things to back up for us to cover it all with two Powerwalls.

We were able to back up the majority of our home with the Powerwalls, including a single 40 amp EV charger for us to run off of a Powerwall just in case. It’s better to have the option than not, but it is not likely that we will be charging a 75 kWh Tesla Model 3 off of just 27 kWh of Powerwall storage capacity if the grid is down.

A ride in a Tesla 3.

If I have not given you a ride in our Tesla, I found the 2nd best thing - YouTuber, SpawnPoint, made this video:


Taking My Tesla Model 3 for a Drive around some UK country roads, towns and villages. One pedal driving throughout, I don’t touch the brakes at all until the end of the POV drive. Demonstrating road and wind noise in the Model 3 interior.

No talking at all, pure road, car and wind noise. What do you think? Is it nosier than you expected? The first few minutes are a 20mph speed limit due to road surfacing (loose stones).

Any guesses where I drove in East Yorkshire, UK?

Thanks for watching, Chris.

Notes about the video:  Beware that he is driving in the UK with steering on the right of the car and driving on the left side of the road.  I tell people that the electric engine in the Model 3 makes a ride on the highway sound like riding in a jet plane.  See if you don't agree when Chris gets on a road with a center line.  Another thing to listen for is the sound when he drives over patched pavement.  I would say, of our Model 3 with 19" wheels and pretty low profile tires, that the ride is more sports car-like (firm or rough) than near-luxury car-like.  Also, I understand that it is "rougher" in the back seat.  In a Model S or Model X, much more expensive Tesla vehicles in the Luxury class, an adjustable suspension is available as an option.

Model S Suspension adjustments, which the Model 3 does not have.

Also in the video, I find it interesting that on the first two-lane road he drives, there are cars parked in his lane.  So, ride along and listen.

Click Here for his video.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G).


With thousands of electric vehicles in garages around the USA, using the stored electricity in those batteries could help the grid match high demand.

The Electric Car Company, Lucid,  announced a “Lucid Connected Home Charging Station” (pictured above) and the ability to charge both ways:

    “Home charging is one of the key benefits of EV ownership. In addition to the standard Lucid Mobile Charging Cord that comes with every Lucid vehicle, Lucid has also developed the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, one of the first AC charging stations with bi-directional charging ever offered. With bi-directional charging, owners can enjoy a more cost-effective charging method and also use their Lucid Air as a temporary energy reserve to power their homes, including off-grid vacation properties. Lucid has developed an integrated partnership with Qmerit that provides for a more seamless installation process for the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station. Lucid Air owners begin by completing a simple digital survey and Qmerit uses the results to manage the entire installation process through its nationwide network of highly trained and licensed electricians.”

Lucid also announced that it is developing “static Energy Storage Systems (ESS),” which is actually how the company originally started half a decade ago when it was named Atieva.

Zak and Jesse, of  "Now You Know" on, covered it quite well.  Click Here to see the report.

Another Model 3 takes on Pikes Peak.


PikesPeakMap.jpg  PikesPeakApp.jpg

Left, Pikes Peak Map.  Right, Pikes Peak App available at the App Store
Double-click to enlarge any image for a larger/readable copy.

"Unplugged Performance tuned Tesla Model 3 is set to take on Pikes Peak [Interview]" article by   The article and Interview.

Why do electric vehicles have an advantage over Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb?  (or any mountain driving?)  I learned from the article above:

In Pikes Peak, both man and machine are put to the ultimate test…. 156 life-threatening cliff edge turns while the elevation climbs to a whopping 16,000-ft [Actually 14,115 ft.], choking the drivers’ oxygen and decision-making skills.

The weather is bi-polar; changing from hail, high heat, rain, and snow. And the cars suffer too! Lack of airflow to the ICE engines, coolant runs thinner, horsepower crippled, oil viscosity changes, overheating, etc.

OK, if you haven’t caught on by now, an electric car would be a wise choice, since the electric motor doesn’t suffer from the altitude at all. It’s almost a match made in heaven, and the perfect place to showcase your performance parts and modifications for Tesla.

The driver of this car, in the interview, also mentioned these advantages of an EV:  1.  No gears or shifting  2.  Silent power  3.  Broad power band.  4.  All-wheel drive.  Unlike air-petroleum cars, EV's electrons don't care about altitude. Driver can adjust the power distribution front to rear (Stock Tesla 3 has 50/50 distribution front to back.)

Grille of  "Unplugged Performance's" tuned Tesla Model 3.  I presume this is for "thermal management" (battery heating). 
Wonder if I could get a grille like this for Big Red?

Any image with a border can be clicked for a larger copy.

Update before the race from Electrek Performance:

Image from Electrek Performance link above.

More Crash, after-crash, and tow truck photos from InsideEEVs Website.

FINALLY, some inside the car video and audio of  qualifying a Model 3 at Pikes Peak on the upper half, August, 2020.  "Randy Pobst & Unplugged Performance - Pikes Peak 2020 Day 1 - Lower Section Qualifying Leader"

Same day qualifying on the lower half of Pikes Peak Hill Run.  I missed the gauges that were shown in the first video, and the camera angle was not as good as the first video as to seeing the road ahead.  However, the best part was Randy's comments during the run and more importantly his summation at the end of the video.

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg

Photos from Randy Pobst's (Driver) own YouTube Channel
by Larry Chen, official photographer.
4.jpg  5.jpg
Any image can be clicked for a larger copy.
6.jpg  Crash.jpg
Above right, best still photo of the crash.

Photos from Randy Pobst's (Driver) own YouTube Channel:

Preparation of Electric Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance for Pikes Peak

Excellent update of pre-race qualifying:

Electric Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance at the starting line for qualifying.  Source

 Blake.jpg   BlakePhoto.jpg 
On the Pikes Peak Website, I found this profile on Blake Fuller, the Electric Performance entry's driver. Photo Source.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2020 Results


As it turned out Blake took first place in Exhibition Class in his 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance with  time of 11:02, 45 seconds faster than his 1st place finish in 2016 with a Tesla S.  Complete run and interview of Blake right after his winning run at:


Randy Pobost, who crashed earlier, but the car was rebuilt, drove his 2020 Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Ascension-R to second place with 11:04. Complete run with interior sound (Randy talks a lot more than Blake during the run).  Watch the speed on the screen, even with thermal issues.  This camera inside the car seems more interesting than the camera on the top of the car as with Blake.

The third Tesla 3 crashed earlier, and was not heard from later in the week.


Interview of Blake Fuller the day after the race by Zak and Jesse of Now You Know Youtube: go to minute 3:30 of

Click for a larger/readable image.

Pikes Peak results.  Blake Fuller in his Tesla Model 3 Performance finished 1st in Exhibition Division setting a record time of 11:02, beating his own record setting run in 2016 by over 40 seconds.  He was 20th 0overall, and Randy Pobst finished 2 seconds behind him for 2nd in Exhibition Division also in a Tesla Model 3.  Blake was driving a stock Model 3 and look at the types of cars in the 20 or more he beat!  All 44 entries, except for Blake's Tesla Model 3, were either built for Pikes Peak or highly modified to run there. 

Trip Statistics - Tesla Model 3

I again took a short August trip of 128 miles in our 3-month-old Tesla 3 and used 171 miles of  "expected range" for 75% efficiency.  It was very hot so the air conditioning was on full blast, and the Speed Limit on part of the trip was 70 mph.  While at our destination, I noticed on the Tesla app that while parked in 109 degree heat that it was 125 degrees inside the car.  I remotely turned on the air conditioning from the app and lowered the temperature from 125 to 75 degrees while parked and it cost 2 "miles" of electricity.

About a week later we took a trip to nearly the same location.
We drove 118.2 miles and used 246 Wh/mi or 4.07 kWh per mile.  Since I had charged to 100% at home, the trip cost us about $4.00 for fuel.  Because it was hot at this location, I tried "Dog Mode" in the Tesla 3 which is for leaving your dog in the   car.  You can set the temperature.  After 40 minutes, the car notified me that it had been 40 minutes.  At that time I discovered "Cabin Overheat Protection" so I used it instead of "Dog Mode" and it kept the car from going over105 degrees.   Of course, that took some "miles".
Cabin Overheat Protection

The climate control system can reduce the temperature of the cabin in extremely hot ambient conditions for a period of up to twelve hours after you exit Model 3. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Cabin Overheat Protection and choose:

• OFF: Disable Cabin Overheat Protection.

NO A/C: Only the fan operates when the cabin temperature exceeds 105° F (40° C). This option consumes less energy but the cabin temperature may exceed 105° F (40° C).

• ON: The air conditioning operates when the cabin temperature exceeds 105° F (40° C).

Note: Cabin Overheat Protection operates only when the energy remaining in the Battery is above 20%.

From: Pg. 128 of the Owners Manual.    

To me 105° in the car would have made the black seats unbearable, I still turned on the A/C from my iPhone just before we went out to the car to return home, cooling the cabin to about 75°.

Trip Statistics - I.C.E. 2013 Chrysler Town & Country

I have been surprised at the 75% efficiency of our Model 3, but I have never really checked on the efficiently of the expected range compared to the actual range.  When I filled up with gas in our Town and Country last time, I recorded the cost - $44.16 for 15.949 gallons at $2.769 per gallon.  More importantly, the car's MPG was 20.9.  Since I have a 20 gallon tank and gas is $2.769, it would cost $55.38 to fill the tank and the predicted miles were 390 and my mileage was 98507.  If the 390 is reached, that would equal 14 cents per mile for fuel in a 20 MPG ICE car compared to our Tesla Model 3 at 3 cents per mile for fuel.
After driving several miles in our I.C.E. car, I calculated the actual miles (117) compared to the expected range (390) and got a % efficiency of 58.5%. (far below our Tesla Model 3.)

Over the Air Software Update No. 2020.32.2

In less than 3 months of ownership, we have received 4 over-the-air software updates.  The description of version 2020.32.2 follows:

    IMG_6734.jpg    IMG_6735.jpg
Shots of the car's screen.

I answered "Yes" to this.

Speed Limit signs

This over-the-air update is supposed to show the speed limit sign on the left above, and chime when the stoplight goes green if you do not accelerate, but it takes some miles to calibrate.  After a 1,000+ mile road trip, I don't see these 2 things happening.  Perhaps they are for FSD models.

Teslas read speed limit signs, but does not adjust cruise if you enter a lower speed area to the lowered limit.  I learned from a YouTuber that to drop cruise to the speed limit, tap the speed limit sign and it resets your speed to that new limit.  Also good if you have set your cruise above the limit and think a radar unit might be up ahead, tap the speed limit sign to go down to the speed.

Traffic aware cruise in suburban driving.

Near our house is a highway with many stop lights.  I like to set my cruise control to the speed limit so I am not speeding.  The car will decrease speed if a car going slower, or stopped in your lane is detected, and resume when the light turns green.  I must have been following a stick shift car today because after leaving the green light my car paused a bit while following the car ahead and it felt like I had shifted gears!  Just a reminder why Teslas win drag races, no shifting.

Driving our Tesla Saloon.

I follow Tesla YouTuber, SpawnPoint in the UK and he refers to his white Model 3 as his "saloon"...the Queen's English for "Sedan".

Click on any image in this report for a larger, more readable, copy
Other car parts with different names in the UK compared to America.  Full list.

Clean Fuel Reward Program, Southern California Edison.

In an earlier report, I mentioned the Clean Air Rebate Program for EVs through my electricity provider, Southern California Edison.  Click here to read that report.

September 4, 2020, I received my $1,000 check:


As I said earlier, other electricity providers may have this same program and it seems to apply to vehicles purchased before September, 2019, for a $450 rebate, as well as after September, 2019 for 2020 and 2021 EVs for a  $1,000 rebate.

Since charging our Tesla Model 3 at home costs about 3¢ per mile, this $1,000 rebate equates to charging our Tesla free for 33,333 miles!

California rebates listing:

Electric Vehicle and Solar Incentives by State: and

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