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Tesla 3 Rebates, Clubs, and Formula-E Experience

Tesla 3E

Tesla 3 Rebates, Clubs, and Formula-E Experience
by Carl Morrison, August 5, 2020
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This sixth  report on our 2020 Tesla 3 RWD, Standard Range Plus includes:  1.   Clean Air Rebate Program for EVs  2.   Tesla Owners' Club.   3.   Phantom Drain on Electric Vehicles  4.  Clean Air Vehicle Decals.   5.  Model 3 or Model Y  6.  Best Selling Electric car in the USA and Europe. 7.  kWh defined    8.  Formula E Street Racing   9.  Tesla Mobile Service.  10.  LINKS to OC and LA Tesla Club Outings. 

Clean Air Rebate Program for EVs

In Southern California we have the SCE Clean Fuel Reward Program for $1,000 for purchased or leased Electric Vehicles.  If not in the SCE area you might check with your power provider to see if they have a similar program.   Even a $450 rebate if you purchased or leased your vehicle before 2019.

The eligible vehicles listed in LINKS at the end of this report.

Any image with a gray or neon border can be clicked for a larger copy.

Official location and access to the Clean Fuel Reward Program:

The SCE Clean Fuel Reward Program Team
Administered by:
Center for Sustainable Energy®
3980 Sherman Street, Suite 170
San Diego, CA 92110
Office (888) 851-2723

Clean Fuel Reward Program is a Southern California Edison (SCE) rebate program for eligible EV owners. Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is the third-party program administrator on behalf of SCE. Please refer to for any questions.

Tesla Owners' Clubs

I have fond memories of taking our 1956 Chevy to car shows, both Chevrolet-only shows and all-classics car shows.  Tesla Car Clubs offer the same fun of talking with like-minded EV owners.  There are Electric Vehicle shows where owners and dealers show up to answer questions by both ICE owners and EV owners.  Some EV events that I have attended and reported on are listed in the LINKS at the end of this page.

The Orange County Tesla Club*  has held several outings which I have attended with Steve's, creator of this website,  Model X.  Dennis Pascal of the Orange County Tesla Club is a creative writer when he sends e-mail about future events of the club.  He used "rEVolutionaries" , Electric Vehicle owners, a term originated in 2012 and popular now.   He also used "Elon-gated Community" which includes Tesla, SpaceX, Boring, etc. which he created 7/26/2020 to announce an event.

Phantom Drain on Electric Vehicles

Phantom Drain represents the amount of charge an electric vehicle loses when it is not being driven or operated by a person, similar to how smart phones lose battery power while in standby mode. In the case of Tesla vehicles, the battery discharges while the car is not being driven in order to provide power to its onboard electronics and auxiliary functions, such as the battery’s thermal management system.

Power is available whenever the vehicle is considered "awake". The vehicle may be awake for many reasons. For example, when using features such as Summon, or when features such as Cabin Overheat Protection, Keep Climate On, Dog Mode, Sentry Mode, etc. are enabled. The vehicle is also awake whenever the 12V battery is being charged or is in use, during 12V charging, when the vehicle is communicating with the mobile app, etc.  Leaving an accessory plugged in does not deplete the 12V battery.
Source TESLARATI    
About the Battery

Model 3 has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world (2170 battery cells). The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it. When plugged in, Model 3 wakes up when needed to automatically maintain a charge level that maximizes the lifetime of the Battery.

Note: When left idle and unplugged, your vehicle periodically uses energy from the Battery for system tests and recharging the 12V battery when necessary.
There is no advantage to waiting until the Battery’s level is low before charging. In fact, the Battery performs best when charged regularly.

Battery Care

Never allow the Battery to fully discharge. Even when Model 3 is not being driven, its Battery discharges very slowly to power the onboard electronics. The Battery can discharge at a rate of approximately 1% per day (2.5 miles in my case), though the discharge rate may vary depending on environmental factors (such as cold weather), vehicle configuration, and your selected settings on the touchscreen. Situations can arise in which you must leave Model 3 unplugged for an extended period of time (for example, at an airport when traveling). In these situations, keep the 1% in mind to ensure that you leave the Battery with a sufficient charge level. For example, over a two week period (14 days), the Battery may discharge by approximately 14%.

To protect against a complete discharge, Model 3 enters a low-power consumption mode when the displayed charge level drops to approximately 0%. In this mode, the Battery stops supporting the onboard electronics and auxiliary 12V battery. Once this low-power consumption mode is active, immediately plug in Model 3 to prevent a jump-start and 12V battery replacement.

Caution: Do not use the Battery as a stationary power source. Doing so voids the warranty.  [ I wish this would change so we could use all the capacity of the Tesla battery to run a house during a blackout.]

Finally, who really cares about Phantom Drain while driving your Tesla to work or within the range of your model around home since you can plug it in each night and fill it back up at 3 cents or less a mile.
Owner's Manual P. 155 

California Clean Air Vehicle Decals

In California, if you drive a vehicle that meets certain emissions standards and other criteria, you may be able to get Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals and a CAV decal identification (ID) card, which allow single occupancy use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV, or carpool) lanes.




The Application (<<<Click to download) for Clean Air Vehicle Decals is in a Link at the end of this report. 

Model 3 or Model Y.

When we picked up our Model 3 on June 9, 2020, there had been some "sightings" of the Model Y, usually blue
I was surprised to see that the Buena Park Tesla delivery showroom had a blue Model Y on the floor.  I thought that all the talk by YouTubers would change from the Model 3 to the Model Y.  Little did I know, but now appreciate, is that all the talk about the interior is exactly applicable to our Model 3.  When they move outside the car, and go to the back, there is the hatchback with more cargo space.  So Model 3 owners, keep watching Model Y videos for something you might have missed on your car.  Some comparisons from Brooke Crothers, Tech Contributor, at Forbes, July 12, 2020.



*Pricier Model 3 configurations offer up to 322 miles of range.
**The Model 3 with rear seats folded has “almost comparable cargo capacity [to the Model Y], not as bad as those numbers from the owner's manuals suggest,” according to Motor Trend.

This table is comparing the Model Y Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, with the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with Rear Wheel Drive (single motor).

Source of the comparison image and table above, click Source.

Needless to say, I surely was not disappointed that I bought the Model 3 because the $12,000 difference to carry more suitcases is not worth it.  Keep in mind the Y is on the 3's chassis. And,we have a Chrysler Town and Country minivan for those many suitcases.

At the end of this report is my Referral Number which you can use for free 1,000 miles of Supercharging if you buy any Tesla vehicle or other benefits for other Tesla products.

A more in depth report, from Model3Man, who has a 2018 red Model 3 and compares it to a friend's Model Y,  at:  His summary starts at 16:48. (He says, why switch from 3 to Y.)

Best Selling Electric car in the USA and Europe.

I guess electric vehicle engines are rated as kWh and the SR+ is 50 kWh.  A Tesla Powerwall stores 13.5 kWh of usable electricity.  So the Tesla 3 SR+ battery is 3.7 Tesla Wall Units.

As of March 2020, the Tesla Model 3 is the world's best-selling electric car in history, with more than 500,000 units delivered. The Model 3 was the world's top selling plug-in electric car in 2018 and 2019, and also the best-selling plug-in car in the United States. The Model 3 was also the top selling plug-in car in Europe in 2019....Model 3 sales surpassed the Nissan Leaf in early 2020 to become the world's all-time top selling plug-in electric car. Many more statistics and the history of the Model 3, click here.

kWh defined.


In the average home, one kWh of electricity means the ability to:

    watch 10 hours of television,
    wash 12 pounds of laundry,
    cook a hot breakfast for 4 people,
    listen to 20 hours of radio, or
    use the computer for 5 to 10 hours.

According to The World Factbook, the United States alone--and it's the second-largest consumer of electricity in the world, behind China--consumes 3.832 trillion kWh of electricity annually.

From:  Kate Rowland at ORACLE               

This chart shows the time to charge the Tesla is between 10 pm and 8 am.

Checking one's emporia energy app shows starting to charge the Tesla at 12:30 am and lasting 68 minutes.  Which put 30 miles in the tank at $.02 to $.03 per mile.
The spike before 12:29 was the dishwasher.  The level line on the left was TV, lights, etc. at night.


Formula E Street Racing

Any image with a gray or neon border can be clicked for a larger copy.

Most passenger car owners like to follow race circuits with motors made by the same company as is in their own car.  This is true for Teslas, almost, since there is Formula E.  I like to follow the only American team in this International race:


If you go to the  "teams and drivers" link (above right)  I think it is amazing that they all use the same body, only the paint jobs make them look very different. I like this paint job the best:

One of  24  FIA Formula E  cars (above).

The Formula E championship currently consists of twelve teams with two cars and two drivers each.  The sport features electric-powered race cars similar in style to the hybrid-drive cars of Formula One. Racing takes place on temporary city-centre street circuits which are 1.9 to 3.4 km (1.2 to 2.1 mi) long.

Gen2 car (2018-2020)

Stoffel Vandoorne driving a Gen2 Formula E car at the 2019 Hong Kong ePrix.

The second generation ("Gen2") Formula E car was introduced in the 2018–19 season, and features significant technological advances over the previous Spark-Renault SRT 01E car – its 54 kWh battery and power output rising from 200 kW to 250 kW and top speed rising to around 280 km/h (174 mph). The arrival of the Gen2 car also sees an end to the series’ mid-race car-swaps. The new cars are equipped with Brembo braking systems, chosen by Spark Racing Technology as the sole supplier. The new cars are also equipped with the Halo, a T-shaped safety cage designed to protect the driver's head in crashes, and to protect them by deflecting flying objects. Michelin remains as tyre manufacturer, supplying all-weather treaded tyres.

Gen3 car (2022– )


The Gen3 Formula E car is planned to be introduced for the ninth Formula E season (2022–23). Power levels for the car are expected to be 350kW in qualifying and 300kW in the race, whilst regeneration levels will be allowed on both front (250kW) and rear (350kW) axels for a maximum of 600kW recovery under braking. The battery will also be designed to be able to handle ‘flash-charging’ at rates of up to 800kW, allowing pitstop recharging into the championship for the first time.


Source:  Race Schedule for 2021 (and graphic above)

Formula E raced in California one year and I was privileged to attend for

                      Photo Credit:  Carl Morrison

I attended the only Formula E race on the west coast in Long Beach in 2019, and my report, with many photos, is at: The "halo" was not invented yet.

In my next report, I talk about Tesla Ss drag and field track racing.

Tesla Mobile Service

 TeslaMobileVehicle.png  TeslaMobileSmall.png


I had seen, near home, two of those white Tesla sedans with Tesla logo (above right).  Not until I watched Tesla3Man did I see the image he posted above.  He mentioned that he wanted his tires rotated on his RWD Model 3, so a vehicle like one of the white ones above, came to his house and rotated the tires and fixed two other things under warranty and charged him $92 and he did not have to take his Tesla to the Service Center.  As the graphic above shows 80% of repairs can be done outside of a Service Center.

What vehicles does Tesla use for the Mobile Service?  In an excellent video, Road/Show shows that they use Model S, X, and Ford vans in 2 sizes.  Click Here to: See inside a Tesla Mobile Service Vehicle and the type of work they can do on the road.  They say, Tesla tells us that about 31% of its Takata airbag recalls have been completed by Mobile Service technicians in the field with an average replacement time of about 30 minutes

If you have questions about a Model 3, please e-mail me at

My Referral Number is  Just click the URL to the left to go to the site that will explain the benefits of using a referral number:



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Complete Description of Formula-E race cars and circuit.

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