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Fully Charged LIVE San Diego 2022
September 10, 2022
Photos and Text by Carl Morrison - Comments welcomed at
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  Square brackets [ ] after a quote by a presenter are my comments.

I chose to attend this Show and do a report for because it was for more than Teslas.  It would have panel discussions on important subjects about Electric Vehicles and Solar/Electric Homes, both of which I own.  Additionally, there would be electric vehicles on display, especially the CANOO (GOEV).  Finally, this convention was in San Diego, California, only 2 hours from our home and I'd be able to drive our Tesla 3 for a couple of  hours on Autopilot each way.

Robert Llewellyn above of the Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged Show


Table of Contents

1.    Session titles and vendors.

Ride and Drive vehicles

3.    Electrify America Keynote Address

4.    Canoo - Electric Vehicle

5.    Will America take Tesla to its heart?

6.    California -- is it leading from the front?

7.    Do we have enough clean energy to electrify everything?

8.    Vendors and Booths

As you can see below, it took some studying to plan my day as to which Sessions and which Booths I wanted to visit:

SaturdayAgenda1.jpeg    SaturdayAgenda2.jpeg
(You can click most images for a larger copy.)


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As I stood in line at the San Diego Convention Center, directly across the street from the entry line to enter the convergence was Gaslight Square.  The convention notes said if the one place to get food in the convention was too crowded, we could go here for lunch.  I decided to forgo lunch and searching Gaslight Square for a place to eat and visit The Fish Market restaurant next to the Midway after leaving the convention.

IMG_4770.jpg        IMG_4766.jpg

IMG_4768.jpg      IMG_4767.jpg
In line I passed the "Ride & Drives" area as they were bringing in the vehicles for that activity.


IMG_4774.jpg      IMG_4772.jpg
The man himself
Robert Llewellyn, lead the Electrify America Keynote, "Transforming the Future of EV Charging" .

IMG_6576.jpg      IMG_6572.jpg
Since I found a seat front and center, Robert was nearby for photos.

Robert was the Host of this session and had some early remarks.  He recognized the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and the advent of Charles II to kingship.  He said Charles had been prioritized for riding around in a Jaguar sedan since he claimed to support trying to move from fossil fuel to electric, but in fact the Jaguar sedan had been converted to electric.  Robert said he had been to the US before when he filmed "Junkyard Wars" in California for 5 years.  He added that this is the Second Generation of electric cars in America because in 1907 there were electric taxis in New York City.  He then introduced the Keynote Speaker (I presume because they were the main partner for this show) Robert Barrosa of Electrify America.  You may remember that Electrify America is the result of the multi-million dollar fine placed on VW for knowingly cheating on smog tests.  The fine was for millions to be used to install electric vehicle chargers around America.  This resulted in the question "Who will maintain these chargers after being installed?

In case you were wondering, Electrify America, and a few other limited systems, is where all EVs except Teslas need to charge.  BTW Tesla has the largest network of "Superchargers" in America just for Tesla vehicles.  Electrify America is not compatable with Teslas and the only adapter available is made in Korea and not sold in the US, so this is not an alternative for Teslas as they would like you to believe.  There will, however, be a big demand for Electrify America chargers as all the other manufacturers produce cars and owners try to take them on long trips.

IMG_6577.jpg      IMG_6569.jpg
Rob dutifully followed the teleprompter in front of my front row seat.

Rob said Electrify America has both 150 kWh and 350 kWh chargers now and will have 10,000 individual chargers in 2024 in the US and Canada. ["Open Fast"?]
[In total, there are over 1,800 Tesla Supercharger stations and more than 16,500 individual chargers online in 2021.]

IMG_6580.jpg    IMG_6581.jpg
Left above, Network Operations Center.  Rob mentioned that they read all media posts from users. 
Their upgraded chargers have "longer cords and larger screens, with Ultra Fast 150kW and Hyper Fast 350 kW connections." [for non-Teslas.]

IMG_6582.jpg      IMG_6583.jpg
As you can see, the slowest connection is CHAdeMO at up to 50 kW, next is CCS at 150 kW, and CCS at 350 kW.  Does the EV you are looking at use CHAdeMO or CCS?

IMG_6584.jpg      IMG_6585.jpg

IMG_6586.jpg    IMG_6588.jpg   IMG_6587.jpg

Rob mentioned that new stations will have canopys and lounges

Their new San Bernardino County solar array will help them be 100% renewable energy at their charging stations

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Before the second session, I went to the location of an electric CANOO Lifestyle Vehicle, we had seen on Imperial Highway in Yorba Linda, CA, a few weeks ago and had discovered it was being manufactured in Torrance, CA.  As it turned out, it was just a vehicle with no one to answer questions.  I was able to take some photos for size indication, since, if we purchase one, it will replace our minivan.

IMG_4786.jpg.      IMG_4787.jpg
Yours truly at 6'1" on the left and the fellow who took my photo and has GOEV stock and an order on one is on the right.

IMG_4775.jpg      IMG_4778.jpg
Left, under the windshield wipers is a glass section for close, front view from inside.  That glass section's view from inside on the right above.

There is no screen as in a Tesla, and this seems to be the only dash information [sorry for the bad image, but I could only shoot through the closed window].

IMG_4777.jpg      IMG_4783.jpg
Looking down on driver's compartment through the windshield from both sides.  No dash cover since no motor or steering mechanism to cover, thus you can see out through where the grill would be on a gas car.

IMG_4780.jpg      IMG_4779.jpg
Left, far back seats.  Right center section with one fold down seat on the side door.  Back of front seats on the right.

View through back window looking forward over lounge seating.

IMG_4799.jpg IMG_4798.jpg
View down into back lounge seating with a seat on each side door.

IMG_4801.jpg      IMG_4803.jpg
Back 3 seats, fabric on this model.  Right, open floor for the feet of those seated, or storage.  About the panels on the doors - part of air purification:


IMG_4782.jpg      IMG_4791.jpg
Side view

Back View - note seats all the way to the back, can be folded down


More photos and information at their site:

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California -- is it leading from the front?

Robert Llewellyn hosted this panel.

Chelsea Sexton, Electric Vehicle Expert.

We need V2G, Vehicle to Grid.

Ellen Heip, GEVA

Ellen said the largest battery storage in the world is going to be at Moss Landing.
[The full story at:
Because of high prices of EVs today, China is the leading EV importer in the Netherlands because their cars are less expensive.

Hannon Rasool, California Energy Comission

In the current year's legislation budget funding for EVs is $10 billion in state and 7.5 billion in federal funding including funding for electric buses.  Fifty percent is for low income and rural communities.  Also is the fact that there will be no California gas vehicles sold after 2035 and by 2045 all trucks on our roads will be electric.  Batteries are being added as well as off shore wind turbines.

April Bolduc, Electric Vehicle Association

The EV Assoc. is trying to benefit everyone.  Even inexpensive EVs have torque.  Transportation is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases.  We are now asked to not plug in and charge our EVs from 4 pm to 9 pm, but eventually we will be urged to plug in our EVs then as Remote Resources.  Car Sharing is the ultimate goal.  Electric buses in San Diego this year are liked by the drivers because they are smoother, better for students, quieter, and are better air for students waiting for the bus.

Enjoyed sitting in the front row in 3 sessions with these fine folks who attended from MAINE!  He was interested in learning about the Leaf vehicles.

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Will America take Tesla to its heart?

Ricky Roy, above, of Fully Charged asked the discussion questions.

Rodger Atkins, EV Outlook

Why is Tesla not popular:  It is not so much Tesla haters as Elon Musk haters plus Tesla is not union and the legacy auto makers don't like being beaten at their own game.  Tesla is the best selling American car.

Brian White, MyTeslaWeekend

How many bought a Tesla from driving?  [Me included after driving Steve Grande's Tesla S]
He had a booth here as well:
His Youtube space:

Lars Strandridder, BestInTesla

Best thing about Tesla - you can actually get one.  Tesla has locked up mining of its needed minerals for 5 years.  Tesla is the underdog story hero.

Gabe Ets-Hokin, Contributor to

My biggest take away from this session is that I want to start following Lars' BestInTesla Youtube Show.  He is in Europe and his travel photography is outstanding.  Follow him at:   Try this video by Lars:

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Do we have enough clean energy to electrify everything?


James Richmond, Sunwater Marine, asked the discussion Questions.  Karin Burns, San Diego Community Power, was on the panel.
Karin:  Changing to renewal energy is like changing your diet.  When you install solar, pair batteries in the job.  V2G should be V2E  E=Everything

Ted Flanigan, Ecomotion

There are one million residential installations of "distributed resources".  Unfortunately, Utilities are becoming against Net Metering.  There is currently a 30% tax credit for Solar, and 30% tax credit for no-profits who could not get it earlier.  He is a big proponent of wind power generation.  He referenced off shore wind projects in Humboldt and Morro Bay that are in less than60 ft. deep water that can be anchored to the earth below.  New Floaters can be put in indefinite water's depth.  And wind power is better than solar - it does not depend on the sun.

April Bolduc, Electric Vehicle Association

April mentioned, in this second panel, that San Diego School System has 300 electric school buses.  Old-time drivers didn't want to use them, but now they battle for them.  April mentioned that school buses are perfect for V2G since they sit unused while kids are in school and are not used again until school is out, thus being available for supplementing the grid during mid day. [I don't know when they would recharge to take the kids home in this scenario.]
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Vendors and Booths

IMG_6609.jpg      IMG_6614.jpg
It wasn't hard to realize that Electrify America was a partner in this convention.

IMG_4817.jpg    IMG_4818.jpg    IMG_4819.jpg
Aptera was a big, big hit since it is made in San Diego and is unique.

There are at least 30 Youtube reports on Aptera at Fully Charged:  Click Here to see the list.  The unveiling at Fully Charged: 
IMG_4788.jpg    IMG_4789.jpg   IMG_4790.jpg
Scorpion EV - use the code on the right to go to their website

IMG_4810.jpg      IMG_4794.jpg

IMG_4812.jpg       IMG_4847.jpg      IMG_4846.jpg
Electric Vehicle Association, formerly Electric Auto Association, had a booth as well.

One of the values of an Association is that they have information on ALL EVs available.  Above is a sheet they passed out, but the online version is more comprehensive at:  Enter your ZIP Code and find out which electric cars are available in your area by cash, or lease.

On the back of their handout is information on charging electric vehicles at home and Tesla DC Fast Charging on the road.

EVA also provided this information on EV Charging Incentives

IMG_4826.jpg    IMG_4827.jpg
I had not heard of Miss Go Electric -

IMG_4830.jpg    IMG_4831.jpg    IMG_4835.jpg

IMG_4832.jpg    IMG_4833.jpg    IMG_4834.jpg

IMG_4842.jpg    IMG_4845.jpg

IMG_4840.jpg    IMG_4839.jpg
The gray material on this Spira4u is soft.


   IMG_4856.jpg    IMG_4855.jpg

Kyle Conner, my favorite Youtuber about EVs, was there and I was able to tell him how much I enjoy his "Out of Spec" videos, especially his evaluation of different charging sites.
As I walked up to him (with my Tesla gear as shown in the top photo of me in this report), he said, "Why don't you buy a Tesla?!"
The Youtube site he reports for:

The Ride&Drive vehicles were returning as I walked back to my Tesla 3 and Autopilot drive 2 hours north on I-5 to home.


Robert Llewellyn's UK Show:

An episode by Robert so you can see his enthusiasm:

Electrify America charging system:

List of all EVs available in your ZIP Code:

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle:

Best In Tesla: 
I like “EV Myth on Road Trips”  (beautiful European mountain scenery.

EV Charging 101:

Many Youtube Reports on
Aptera at Fully Charged: Click Here

Click here for a slideshow ]
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