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Electrify Expo: Industry/Press Day

Long Beach Convention Center, CA -  May 19, 2023
Photos and Report by Carl Morrison,


I attended Electrify Expo's Industry/Press Day launch at the Long Beach Convention Center Friday May 19, 2023.  Below are my notes and photos: 

Keynote Speaker, Loren McDonald 's notes on EV Adoption by 2030,
•  Sandy Munro's comments about "Tearing apart the EV competition" from his Fireside Chat,
•  E-Bike Policy,
•  How to Drive EV Adoption among Consumer Concerns,

•   Bridgestone unveils a tire designed to enhance the EV driving experience as the industry moves toward electrification.
•  New PHEVs and BEVs at the Expo.
•  Private owners of customized cars.
•  Classic Car Conversions to Electric Motors
•  E-Mobility Displays Outside 
•  EV BUILDER'S GUIDE publication
•  Kyle Conner's video summary of  Electrify Expo for his Out of Spec Review on his  Youtube Channel

ELECTRIFY EXPO is a festival where you can experience and demo your favorite electric car, truck, e-motorcycle, e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-surfboard, e-foil and other electric brands as they show off their latest products and technology. Visit their fun interactive displays, talk with EV experts, and best of all, take a test drive on one of our thrilling demo courses. Kids, check out our huge Kids Zone for 2023 filled with electric go-carts, e-bikes + more!

With over 1,000,000 square feet of exhibit and festival space, Electrify Expo is a full day of electrified fun mixed with great food, drinks, music and more. Yes, this is an e-mobility party and everyone is invited!



Next:  SAN FRANCISCO  JUNE 24-25  Alameda Point / Alameda CA

WASHINGTON DC  JULY 22-23  RFK Stadium / Washington, DC

NEW YORK  AUG 12-13  Nassau Coliseum / Long Island, NY

SEATTLE  SEPT 9-10  Marymoor Park / Redmond, WA

MIAMI  OCT 14-15  Miami Dade Fairgrounds

AUSTIN  NOV 10-12  Circuit of the Americas

Electrify Expo entrance to outdoor test drive area and indoor speaker area.

Large speakers area was set up perfectly with speakers in the center and large screens on both sides for the other 2/3 of seated guests.
Very large area for guests with each having table room.


Keynote:  Loren McDonald
Program said, "...will provide valuable insights into the nation's EV adoption rates, share his forecast for 2030, and outline the key challenges that must be overcome in the transition to electric vehicles."

IMG_8105.jpg    IMG_8108.jpg
(Click any photo for a larger image.)

IMG_8109.jpg    IMG_8111.jpg

IMG_8112.jpg     IMG_8113.jpg




Loren McDonald - - - @EVAdoptionTweet

Notes from Loren's talk:

Tesla Y and 3 are placed 1 and 2 as most selling cars in US now
Tesla company is 4th largest company in auto sales in the US
70% of auto sales are used vehicles today
There are currently 17 EVs to each public charger
Half of American households cannot charge their EV where they live

Before I got my press pass, I noticed that Sandy Munro would be a guest speaker, so I decided to go.

IMG_8121.jpg      IMG_8122.jpg
Unfortunately this was a "chat" with no slides such as in a keynote speech, so the only thing to report are the itidbits a reporter writes down while listening to the chat.

Notes of Sandy Munro's comments:

He took a recent 8,000 mile EV trip
in 11 days following the 20% - 80% (charge to stop charging %) and never had "range anxiety."  He did the trip in 11 days.  And the front seats in a Tesla Model 3 are the best feeling of any EV.

Tesla charging network is 5 to 8 years ahead of the non-Tesla "network".  Example, the Rivian charging systems lack in number and those available don't work.

The best power train is Lucid's.

Ford Lightning is a great truck.

New is a battery you can pour in vacant places in a car - liquid battery.

"Dry Battery" is the next new thing - Dry Cell Battery.

LFP battery being researched - Lithium Iron Phosphate

Badlands of the US and Canada hold all the battery chemicals we need, but their extraction is being held back by laws.

The "Recycling batteries problem" is being solved by old BEV's batteries being used in battery packs.

New is using capacitors and battery packs together.

The US needs to accept that Chinese Vehicles are good products and needed in the US to meet the 2030 mandate.

Munro's Law:  by 2028 50% of cars manufactured will be electric.

This Breakout was one of 2 available at this time, downstairs.

IMG_8127.jpg.    IMG_8129.jpg
This  Breakout had too many speakers in too little time to recieve any useful information.  However, later in the day I found Kunal Kuppor, second from right above, outside at his BOSH E-Bike Systems booth, and asked him specific questions which I had wanted to learn in the breakout. 

"Are there age limits and speed limits for e-bikes?"  He said there are 3 classes of e-bikes and there should be a sticker on all e-bikes showing "Class 1, 2 or 3".


Class 1 eBikes are bikes that use pedal-assist to a maximum assisted speed of 20mph.

This means that they are pedal-assist-only eBikes, and they must be without throttle controls, i.e. you must pedal the bike to engage the e-bike motor. They’re also called Pedelecs, (pedal electric cycles) and they must adhere to the class 1 electric bike speed limit of 20mph.

From October 2020 this was written into legislation in the United States and has helped to clarify the confusing market of eBike classes and assistance levels. It also helps to clarify where these bikes can go. Previously, they were unable to be used on certain mountain bike trails and bike paths as they were in a grey area of motor vehicle status. Now, however, they can be ridden in more areas and not just on the road.
Main Features of Class 1 eBikes:

    Pedal assistance
    Assisted speed up to 20mph
    No assistance without pedaling
    The motor must be less than 750W
    Mostly have the same rights and access privileges as regular bikes

Class 2 electric bikes also have a maximum assisted speed of 20mph.

However, unlike class 1, they can include throttle assistance without the need for pedaling. This of course doesn’t mean the assistance cuts out if you do start pedaling, but the option is there for you to not pedal and use the throttle. Class 2 e-bike max speed is the same as class 1, at 20mph, and as with class 1 bikes, you can ride them as ‘unassisted’ bikes, i.e. with the motor off, and in the same places.

Class 2 e-bikes generally look similar to class 1 bikes, except they have the inclusion of a throttle assist. This is usually on the handlebars so can look quite subtle.

    Class 2 eBikes have a throttle that assist up to 20mph.

Main features of class 2 eBikes:

    Throttle assistance can be activated through a trigger, button, or twist-grip
    Can be ridden without pedaling
    May also have pedal-assistance
    Maximum assisted speed is 20mph
    The motor must be less than 750 watts
    Mostly have the same rights and access privileges as regular bikes

Class 3
eBikes are slightly more confusing.  Age 16 and above in California and some other states.

Their maximum assisted speed is set to 28mph making them quite high-speed electric bikes. They must also be equipped with a speedometer to let you know how fast you’re riding. The complicated part is the addition of a throttle. Some states don’t allow throttles at all on the bike (such as California), whereas others only allow the throttle to be used up to 20mp/h, but the pedal assist can continue to 28mph.

Additionally, the motor must have a capacity of less than 750W, and you cannot ride these on bike paths that exist outside of the road. To get around this, manufacturers apply a limit to the throttle speed (20mph). Some speed pedelecs can be adjusted so if you want to ride on a multi-use trail, for example, you can switch the throttle assist to max out at 20mph, and remove the limit when you ride on the road.

Check with your local legislation before using a class 3 eBike to figure out where you’re allowed to ride it.
Main features of class 3 eBikes:

    Pedal assistance
    Max assisted speed is 28mph
    Equipped with speedometer
    The motor must be less than 750W
    Restricted from multi-use paths
    Mostly with an age limit. Depending on the state, the rider must be at least 14, 15, or 16.
    Optional throttle with 20mph assistance

Which class of eBike should you choose?

Well, it depends on the type of eBike you’re after, and where you are. In Europe, mainly only Class 1 Type eBikes are available, whereas in the US you have a much wider selection.

    Class 1 – Typically where you’ll find the majority of electric bikes, particularly in Europe. Bikes such as commuter, folding, and less powerful road and mountain bikes can be found in this category.
   Class 2 – For those that want assistance up to 28mph and perhaps a throttle assist (up to 20mph). Types of bikes often found in this category include mountain bikes, come commuters and cargo bikes.

    Class 3 – As class 3 eBikes aren’t permitted to ride multi-use trails without limiting the throttle assist, they’re not as popular to produce with manufacturers. That being said, you’ll still find plenty of commuter and road bikes in this category for those that want to go fast.

    Class 4 – Best for those who want to go off-road as class 4 eBikes aren’t permitted on the road as they need to be licensed and insured as they’re classed as motor vehicles. Bikes in this category are often off-road specific hunting bikes, or other outdoor activity focused.

Also check National Bike Dealers Association


My second Breakout, above, had too many speakers and too little time.

My Notes:

SCE said that 80% of charging of an EV is at home or work place

Hyundai said 70% of vehicle owners are yet to electify

Ford says  Customer obsession must be balanced by competative awareness
    and range anxiety has changed to charge anxiety

Motor Trend said 5% of new car sales are EVs, but can it go to 50% by 2030.

Bridgestone unveils a tire designed to enhance the EV driving experience as the industry moves toward electrification



Remember:  (Click any photo for a larger image.)


"Most popular premium EVs" = 4 Teslas and the Ford Mach E


IMG_8173.jpg was VERY interested in the cars that Bridgestone studied - 4 Tesla models and the Ford Mach E as being 69% of the US PREMIUM EVs.

Other leading EVs who could use the Bridgestone's Turanza tires.
(Some of which were represented at this Expo)


Remember:  (Click any photo for a larger image.)

This is specific to this website since it covers Tesla X, Y, and 3.

It’s fair to say that Bridgestone knows a thing or three about performance tires for ICE vehicles. But the company just debuted its first dedicated electric vehicle replacement tire at the Electrify Expo, the Turanza EV grand touring tire as with it, the brand is targeting North America’s top-selling electric vehicles, including all Tesla models and the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

And from what Bridgestone claims, it promises to improve the experience of driving an electric vehicle in practically every measurable way.

If you drive an EV, you’re probably aware of the trade-off that comes with it. You’ve got monumental levels of torque on tap, but if you want to lay it down with performance tires, you’ll lose range and sacrifice longevity. Likewise, if you buy a tire that’ll give you plenty of mileage and range, you sacrifice some performance and are probably in for a bumpier, noisier ride. But the Turanza EV is engineered to specifically tackle all these issues.


The tire debuts Bridgestone’s ENLITEN technology, which is engineered to help optimize all-season performance, provide longer wear life, and allow for the incorporation of renewable and recycled materials in tires. The core technology uses a next-generation compound, which is meant to improve performance in both wet and dry conditions. Based on a comparative wet braking and wet lap time testing of the Turanza EV tires and Continental’s ProContact RX tires, Bridgestone says its latest offering is on par with the leading OE touring tire.

The ENLITEN technology also includes new structural components, as Bridgestone claims this helps deliver a more comfortable, quieter ride while also providing excellent steering feel. And the comfort levels should be further enhanced by the inclusion of QuietTrack technology, which is embedded in the tread design to reduce road noise.

According to Bridgestone, the ENLITEN technology gives the tire low rolling resistance. Which, in theory, makes it possible to maintain a long-mileage range per charge without sacrificing as much tread life or performance.
One of the ENLITEN technologies debuting on the Turanza EV is PeakLife, a next-generation polymer technology that is meant to enhance tread resistance to wear and extend tire life. PeakLife polymer creates an extensive network of bonds between the polymer and reinforcing particles, which should make the tire tread last longer. The company wanted to prioritize significantly improving the Turanza EV’s wear capabilities, so brought this technology from the research and development phase to product application in less than two years.

Bridgestone stands behind the combination of next-generation tread compound and PeakLife polymer technology to the tune of a 50,000-mile limited warranty.

The final string to the Turanaza EV’s bow is the increased use of renewable and recycled materials. Bridgestone uses recycled carbon black from end-of-life tires, synthetic rubber derived from recycled plastic bags and bottles, renewable soybean oil, and Rice Husk Silica in the construction. In total, the tire incorporates 50 percent renewable and recyclable materials, which aligns with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment.

The Turanaza EV is launching the initial five available sizes immediately, with 13 additional sizes coming in early 2024.


I was glad to see that of the 5 sizes they now produce in the Turanza EV one was my size since I had a flat on my Model 3 Tesla this morning! 



To finish the Bridgestone Turanza EV story, I was able to cancel my order at my local Firestone store to replace a flat tire with a Continental original tire and get a Bridgestone Turanza EV tire instead, after learning that their research shows no need for the foam any more.

IMG_8302.jpg    IMG_8303.jpg
Left, original Continental Model 3 standard equipment tire with foam.
Right,  New TURANZA EV LS100 with $100 savings.

New PHEVs and BEVs at the Expo

The Tesla display had the top 2 selling electric vehicles in the US (Models Y and 3)
and with the Model S - four of  5 of the top 69% of premium EV sales in the US.

IMG_8206.jpg    IMG_8209.jpg

I liked the new red Tesla next to the Yokohama Tire's semi trailer.


Ford Mach E, the other EV that Bridgestone studied as the 5th car which made up the top 69% of premium EV cars sold.

If Bridgestone researched their new tire to be used by the top eleven EVs, you'd think those eleven would be here, right?  The top 5 are above = 4 Teslas and 1 Mach E.  What I found of the remaining 6 are below.  Since I cannot tell the make of a new car from the side, I will also put any identifying-marks-photo with the car.

BMW i7 (maybe)

Kia EV6 / Hyundai Ioniq (same car 2 names?)

I did not find, nor did I know to look for, the rest of the cars that Bridgestone based their research on:

Polstar 3, Mercedes EQE, Audi e-Tron GT and Lucid Air.

Other new EVs represented:

IMG_8189.jpg     IMG_8190.jpg
Remember:  (Click any photo for a larger image.)



Toyota Fuel Cell

Private owners of customized cars, wraps or ICE engines swapped out for electric engines.

Stock EVs with customization such as wheels, calipers, wraps, etc.

Owned by the wife half, Marty Morrise, of Tesla Club SoCal,

IMG_8215.jpg    IMG_8293.jpg   
Click the upper left image for a loop of the lights within the wheel.

The husband half of Tesla Club SoCal owns this Tesla Model S.

LightningTesla.jpg    IMG_8250.jpg
I was glad to meet the owner (above) of this car because I had shot this photo of it (above), and sent it to him, at the Petersen Auto Museum's Autopia EV Show in LA earlier.  In our discussion he said this was the last time we'd see this wrap because the new owner does not want the wrap on it.

My report from Pedersen's Auto Museum of Autopia EV Show:

IMG_8244.jpg    IMG_8244-2.jpg
TeslaClubSoCal's space and to the right was Electric Mods author.

TeslaClubSoCal sold tee shirts:

IMG_8245.jpg    IMG_8246.jpg    IMG_8247.jpg

Next to TeslaClub SoCal was the author of the app - Electric Mods:  EV Tuning


Introducing the ultimate aftermarket configurator for the EV community! Customize your ride like never before with our growing list of options from wraps, tint, powder coating, aftermarket parts*, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to find the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. With detailed 3D renderings, you can preview your modifications, before you buy. Not only can you customize your ride but you can also customize the aftermarket parts to really showcase your unique style & taste.

Plus, with the ability to save and share your configurations, you can get feedback from friends and other enthusiasts. Our platform empowers you to make your electric car truly your own. Download now and take your EV to the next level!

The platform is free to use including the premium aftermarket parts.


ElectricMod1.jpg    ElectricMod2.jpg 
Left, tools of Electric Mod app, right selected background and standard editable photo.

Custom Teslas - teltale sign that they are Teslas is the camera above and behind the front wheel.


Bridgestone had a Tesla Model 3 in their booth since one of their new tires fits it.

Classic Car Conversions to Electric Motors and Batteries

IMG_8142.jpg    IMG_8143.jpg
1957 Bel EV Convertible (Why put extra frufru on to make it look like a V8?)

IMG_8139.jpg     IMG_8141.jpg
1932 EV Duce

1960ish Ford "Galax-E"

ADRO and Casper 2018 Tesla Model 3 DIY Built  Show Car.
The video above is viewable at: 




IMG_8155.jpg    IMG_8156.jpg



"Tesla" Corvair called by "Electrovair" by Wrenchology


IMG_8083.jpg    IMG_8087.jpg
He said it is easier to put an electric motor in an original rear-engine vehicle, thus the popularity of converting VW bugs and busses to EVs.
IMG_8089.jpg     IMG_8092.jpg
I like it when you know it is a electric motor.

I had seen this "Electrovair" converted Corvair a few days earlier at the local Yorba Linda Tesla Supercharger and talked with the builder and learned he had been invited to the Electrify Expo.  Learn more about him and his wife at I noticed the solar panels in his back seat and he said he used to charge his phone from the car, but why use the mileage for that so he charges his phone with those panels.

Check out their site for merchandise.

E-Mobility Displays Outside


IMG_8258.jpg     IMG_8257.jpg

IMG_8255.jpg    IMG_8262.jpg
I test drove a Magicycle Ocelot Pro recommended for heights of 4'10" to 6'2"

Richard Shaw, above left, showed me all the details and settings and instructed me how to turn.  He set it to class 2 and I was off within the tented area.  There was a larger course for those with longer rides.

Contact information for Richard Shaw:  213 900 7090 - - - 3095-200 cedar street, Ontario, California 91761.

Electric Trailers (This vendor space was not staffed.)

Lightship display was fully staffed and answered all my questions.

IMG_8232.jpg       IMG_8233.jpg
The Lightship folds down for travel and Sandy Munro was taping an interview as he looked at it.
It has power assist to help the towing vehicle.

Lightship L1: The First Purpose-built All-electric RV - a solar-powered travel trailer with a high-capacity battery and self-propulsion system that enables near zero range or mile-per-gallon efficiency loss for the vehicle towing it.

•A hyper-efficient design that is three times more aerodynamic than a traditional travel trailer for longer range and greater efficiency, which means a 300-mile range electric vehicle (EV) used to tow it remains a 300-mile range EV, and a 25-mpg gas truck remains a 25-mpg gas truck.

•An electric powertrain with up to 80kWh of onboard battery capacity allowing the trailer to propel itself and achieve near-zero range or efficiency loss for the tow vehicle.

•A no-compromise battery system that can provide a week of off-grid power without charging. Coupled with up to 3kW of solar power, the RV can power the living needs of its occupants and eliminates the reliance on propane and other fossil fuels.

•An ecosystem of all-electric appliances, connected features,and modern amenities for a seamless camping experience.
The Lightship L1 has a starting price of $125,000 or $118,400 after an available tax credit and is available now for a $500 reservation at Production is expected to begin in late 2024.


Several engine and tire vendors had displays as well as miscellaneous parts.

Yokohama had Randy Pobst's Pikes Peak Hill Climb winning Tesla S there.


IMG_8270.jpg    IMG_8271.jpg

Yokohama also had this VW ID.4 race car there.


IMG_8267.jpg     IMG_8268.jpg

IMG_8265.jpg    IMG_8264.jpg




IMG_8281.jpg    IMG_8282.jpg

IMG_8279.jpg    IMG_8279-2.jpg

Very timely...when I was in a Barnes and Noble store, in the magazine section I saw:  EV Builder's Guide


EV Builder's Guide

EV Builders Guide is a publication based solely on the lifestyle surrounding vehicles that have had a combustion engine removed and replaced with an electric motor. Our editorial team has been given the green light to scour the country in search of the highest quality hot rods that burn 0 miles per gallon. We also traveled across the country to experience the first-ever Holley High-Voltage EV fest in California. To add to our journalistic integrity. We have signed up to become official EV certified technicians through the national EV certification network that Legacy EV has established. With this training, our team will have the core knowledge it takes to explain the engineering and document our discoveries. These are exciting times and we’re proud to be at the forefront of electric vehicle journalism.

In the current issue of the magazine were several of the cars at this Electrify Expo and some of the electric motors used in several classic cars.  Several article headlines  seemed appropriate for those involved with replacing ICE engines with an electric motor.

IMG_8416.jpg    IMG_8417-2.jpg



EV Builder's Guide compared replacement electric motors.
Remember:  (Click any photo for a larger image.)

IMG_8423.jpg    IMG_8425.jpg

EV Builder's Guide hosted this Kyle Conner summary of  Electrify Expo for his Out of Spec Review on his  Youtube Channel:

If the video above does not work, go here:


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