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Autopia 2099 - Winter 2022 
"A show for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and mobility solutions powered by electrons."
Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California
December 4, 2022

Photos and Text by Carl Morrison,
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Table of Contents
1.  What is Autopia 2009 - Winter 2022?
Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California inside and out.
3.  Car Photography Tips by Pro Car Photographer Mark McCauley.  His website: Capturing The Machine (Link below)
4.  Private individual entries.
5.  1950 Tesla-powered Jaguar MarkV
6.  Nissan, sponsor of the event.
7,  2023 Volkswagen ID Buzz
8.  2020 Ferrari FXX K EVO
9.  Links

From Autopia 2099's website (

Autopia 2099 is a car show celebrating the future, a brighter and better future.

It’s a show for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and mobility solutions powered by electrons. Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will take priority, but there is room for hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to join the party as well. And what a party it’s going to be. You should come!

Since the dawn of the car there have been electric cars. It just took a little bit of time — and a lot of technological advancement — for them to catch on as mainstream reliable daily transportation. It’s time to celebrate not only the best of the current crop, but the full pantheon of electrified car that got us to where we are today.

This isn’t your average everyday car show. No parking lots or golf courses. No uppity suit jacket and mint julep crowd, just a gathering of electric car appreciators. Whether you daily drive a Tesla, race an electric streamliner at Bonneville, built a solar car for your university, or swapped some lead acid batteries and a forklift motor into a Ford Pinto as a weekend project, you’re welcome at Autopia 2099.

Enjoy the future of optimism, folks. We’re all friends here.

- - - -

Where Do I Find Out More: Check out Autopia 2099 on Twitter and Instagram.

What’s Eligible: Anything powered by electricity. Your home-built projects, your brand-new Nissan Leaf, your experimental hydrogen fuel cell in-line skates, or your kid’s powerwheels, it’s all welcome. Whether you’re a hypermiler or a racer or anywhere in between, if you have an appreciation for electric propulsion, Autopia 2099 is where you want to be.

What else: Retrofuturism is the name of the game with this show. We’re throwing it back to bring it forward. Buck Rogers, Atomic Age, world’s fair, Eames chair, mid-mod, ray gun type stuff. Dress it up, dress it down, bring a good attitude.

Our credentials: You might want to know who we are. Autopia 2099 and the future of optimism itself, has been set into motion by Bradley Brownell (Radwood co-founder and EV Pulse contributor), Jeff Glucker (Hooniverse EIC), Ethan Tufts (Hello Road), Chad Kirchner (EV Pulse EIC), and Kevin McCauley (world-renowned artist behind Capturing The Machine). We have decades of automotive and event planning experience between us, so get ready for the best experience we can conjure.


From my opening photo of a Tesla Model 3 with a dark clouds and lightning wrap, you might think...
“It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents...." 

This was not the case.  At the Petersen Auto Museum on this December 4 day, it was mostly cloudy with occasional sprinkles.  To make my photos of the day more dramatic, I added some HDR touches in post processing.  Previous sprinkles had darken the pavement leaving the space under the cars light colored like a halo around some of the car photos.

Tickets for this event were $15 if you wanted to enter you EV as in a traditional car show, or free for attendees (such as I).  I planned this as a photo safari, and drove our 2020 Tesla Model 3, Big Red, to the event:


IMG_0150.jpg    IMG_0154.jpg
Petersen Automotive Museum. 6060 Wilshire Blvd, LA - Corner of Wilshire and Fairfax.

At the entrance from the parking structure was a 2017 Tesla Semi - too large to get into the museum.

 IMG_0144.jpg      IMG_0147.jpg
I had always thought the back had a sleeper, but it is all aerodynamic cowling.

EVs of all kinds were inside the museum; not included in my free ticket to the event.

The EV Autopia 2099 show was atop the adjoining parking structure.  Petersen's Education Dept. had this Toyota on display for "artists" to color, in wipe off markers.


IMG_0278.jpg       IMG_0279.jpg

Car Photography Tips by Mark McCauley, pro car photographer

IMG_0179.jpg    IMG_0181.jpg
At 1 pm, it was announced that Mark McCauley, pro car photographer,
would give a photo talk near the $1.9 Million Hispano Suiza Carmen electric.

Mark's first tip was:  Use Perspective to show the unseen - approach from an unexpected angle or elevation: high or low.

Mark's second tip was:  Adjust your crop to maximize the unexpected.
Step back and show the background: show how the vehicle exists in the space, and how it's seen on the real world.
IMG_0176.jpg    IMG_0183.jpg.
Or, crop deliberately: a zoom is more purposeful than a wide angle.

IMG_0185.jpg    IMG_0186.jpg

Mark's final tip: 
Create layers in the composition between yourself and the subject.
Find things you can use to create foreground (above) and background (below) interest and framing.
Pay attention to everything in the frame - avoid background distractions such as light poles awkward alignments.

Mark began his presentation asking us, "What are the disadvantages of a smartphone camera?"
Ans.  Lens glass and image sensor limitations mean that even the best mobile phone cameras can't match a pro camera setup.

How can we overcome them?
Ans.  The good news is that image quality is only one part of photography.  Lenses, polarizers, and advanced sensors are nice to have, but if you point the camera without creative intent, it doesn't do you much good.

Today we will take photos that people will be unlikely to just scroll past on Instagram.

Mark mentioned smartphone distortion near the edges...look at my first photo in this report and you will see what he is referring to.  However, I see it as artsy.
IMG_0287.jpg    IMG_0285.jpg    IMG_0288.jpg
 Some parting shots of the Hispano Suiza.

A few private individuals had entered their vehicles:

A Porsche with sleeping compartment

IMG_0213.jpg    IMG_0210.jpg.

With few cars in attendance, it was easy to do a photo essay on any one.


Trophies were to be announced at 3 pm, but with the crowd thinning, I spotted this trophy winner at about 2:00.

IMG_0280.jpg.    IMG_0283.jpg


IMG_0265.jpg    IMG_0268.jpg
I have seen a few of these reflective chrome-like wraps.

Using Mark's tip to layer car photos to show the background,  I found the clouds inviting for a low viewpoint with this Tesla Model 3 that I had also seen at an EV show at the San Diego Convention Center. (Owned by FThePump on Instagram.)

To show this Tesla layered with its surroundings, I shot it from this angle showing the large building on Wilshire and also showing its license plate FDA PUMP.

You may have noticed this classic in the background of some photos above and wondered how it qualified as an entry.  I had heard of owners putting a Tesla skateboard chassis under things like VW Buses and as I looked in the back seat of this beauty, I saw a Tesla charging cable!  So this is a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

The full story from Forbes:
Like a vintage East End gangster, this Tesla-powered Jaguar MkV is the strong, silent type. A notoriously difficult and expensive car to restore, EV conversion gave this formerly derelict example a new lease on life. Michael Van Runkle
Jaguar MkV EV Conversion

Matt Brown bought this 1950 Jaguar Mark V in a salvage yard for $10,000. He’s now partway through installing most of the mechanical components from a Tesla Model 3, including the battery, motor, wheels and brake booster. All in, the Tesla parts totaled around $11,000 and he hopes to complete the build for closer to $30,000.

Fitting the batteries into the old Jaguar frame required serious creativity, including raising the body by three-quarters of an inch. Brown also removed every outdated British Standard Whitworth fastener, then installed all new wiring and sound insulation. He sees this Jaguar as a testbed for using Model 3 components, which fewer builders know how to safely and effectively install. Even with the 1,000-pound battery, the Jag now weighs less than it did new because the Tesla motors weighs far less than the original cast-iron “XK” inline-six.

From a different angle, my HDR processing setup made it look like a different car.

IMG_0238.jpg    IMG_0240.jpg
Nissan sponsored the event so they had this EV prototype on display (with right-hand drive)

IMG_0242.jpg      IMG_0243.jpg      IMG_0244-HDR.jpg
I filled out a survey and received a thumb drive (on the table in upper left photo).  Surfboards on the roof made the windshield look like sunglasses to me.  Upper right, back view of he surfmobile.

This was the other vehicle Nissan had on display, an ARIYA.

Another EV manufacturer at the show - VW




IMG_0257.jpg        IMG_0252.jpg

The whole Petersen Museum was devoted to EVs so I was surprised to see a Ferrari EV. 
(Also look how hard it is to get good car shots when the shiny cars are displayed inside compared to the cloudy, outside VW shots above.)

(Click any photo to enlarge it to 1024 ppi.
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IMG_0293.jpg    IMG_0294.jpg    IMG_0298.jpg

IMG_0300.jpg    IMG_0301.jpg
Even the Petersen Museum's public garage is interesting with a classic VW on display and a new Rivian EV pickup by
a visitor.

IMG_0141.jpg    IMG_0142.jpg

On Fairfax I spied a banner saying "Little Ethiopia".  I thought this was new, but the aging sign on the right above indicate it has been Little Ethiopia for some time.

On a personal note, I am very happy with my new iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the HDR post processing I applied to these car photos.


Mark McCauley's work:  Capturing The Machine

Hispano Suiza Carmen's website:

Forbes report on the 1950 Jaguar and more:

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