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Tesla Road Trip
La Plata, Missouri - Anaheim, California
May 29 - June 01, 2015

This Tesla Road Trip from Anaheim, California, to La Plata, Missouri, and back will be posted in installments both to this website at and to Facebook at As each installment is posted it will be announced on Twitter @teslatouring and #teslamo.

Status reports and photos will be posted to Twitter @teslatouring and #teslamo live as we arrive and depart from each Tesla Supercharging location as well as other stops we make along the way. To see our history of Tweets from along this Tesla Road Trip please visit Originally I thought I'd be able to post a report to Facebook and this web site at the end of driving each day along the way, but it was so late when we finished driving each day that I just didn't have the time or energy to post a daily report. Instead, the report with photos will be posted in installments to this web site and Facebook as each segment is ready.

If you click on the link to any of the below installments of this travel report you will find a work in progress for that particular day. First all the photos will be posted to the page covering each day. Later a detailed report will be added to each installment explaining the photos and other details of our travel. Not much might be added until our entire road trip is completed. Please check back for updates.

Below are our current travel plans.

Fri 2015-May-29 MP 1858 La Plata Tesla Destination Charging Station
Depot Inn & Suites, 1245 N Brown St, La Plata, MO

Fri 2015-May-29 MP 1683 Independence Tesla Supercharger
18011 E Bass Pro Dr, Independence, MO

Sat 2015-May-30 MP 1601 Topeka Tesla Supercharger
5930 SW Huntoon St, Topeka, KS

Sat 2015-May-30 MP 1498 Salina Tesla Supercharger
Holiday Inn Express, 755 W Diamond Dr, Salina, KA

Sat 2015-May-30 MP 1404 Hays Tesla Supercharger
4101 Vine St, Hays, KS

Sat 2015-May-30 MP 1262 Goodland Tesla Supercharger
2631 Enterprise Rd, Goodland, KS

Sat 2015-May-30 MP 1155 Limon Tesla Supercharger
2221 6th St, Limon, CO

Sun 2015-May-31 MP 1082 Lone Tree Tesla Supercharger
(Tesla Store / Park Meadows Mall)
8405 Park Meadows Center, Lone Tree, CO

Sun 2015-May-31 MP 0992 Silverthorne Tesla Supercharger
309 Rainbow Dr, Silverthorne, CO

Sun 2015-May-31 MP 0902 Glenwood Springs Tesla Supercharger
125 Wulfson Rd, Glenwood Springs, CO

Sun 2015-May-31 MP 0814 Grand Junction Tesla Supercharger
2424 US-6, Grand Junction, CO

Sun 2015-May-31 MP 0717 Green River Tesla Supercharger
1765 E Main, Green River, UT

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0594 Richfield Tesla Supercharger
Holiday Inn Express, 20 W 1400 N, Richfield, UT

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0530 Beaver Tesla Supercharger
Timerline Inn Restaurant, Littlefield Interchange, Beaver, UT

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0431 St. George Tesla Supercharger
1091 N. Bluff St, St. George, UT

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0313 Las Vegas Supercharger
701 Bridger Ave, Las Vegas, NV

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0269 Primm Tesla Supercharger
Primm Valley Resort & Casino, 31900 Las Vegas Blvd S, Primm, NV

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0151 Barstow Tesla Supercharger
2812 Lenwood Rd, Barstow, CA

Mon 2015-Jun-01 MP 0000 - Arrival From Our Anaheim CA Vacation House

This Tesla Road Trip is to return to our vacation house in Anaheim after having attended the Ribbon Cutting event of the New Tesla Destination Charging Stations at the Depot Inn & Suites, 1245 N Brown St, La Plata, MO 63549, on Wednesday at 4pm on May 27, 2015. Click on the below photos for more information:

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